We were inspired to create this limited edition collection of leather accessories by our holiday plans. We love northern Italy which we associate with really good quality materials and items from natural leather. So when we decided that we spend holiday on Lake Como, Lombardy in this year, we thought „Hey, let’s make a few items that can be useful for us during stay.” Just as we said, we did.That is why all items are done from cowhide vegetable-tanned leather and only finest quality cotton. Therefore all items from this collection are much more durable and the whole process of aging will run more slowly and in a more natural way. In addition, the undoubted advantage of leather is their very unique character – each piece is different and provides a natural origin. And that is also why all items are sewn by hand using waxed thread. We have to admit that it is a very labor-intensive work and also most durable method for sewing natural leather, far better than lockstitch sewing machine.All items from Como Unspoken limited edition collection will be numbered and “made to order” which will be making them even more unique.